Yuan Centre

As the partner of the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts China Centre, Yuan Centre is the executive body responsible for project implementation on behalf of the School. Some of the ongoing projects at Yuan Centre include:

  • Launch of the one-year Foundation Courses on Traditional Arts, completion of which will facilitate entry into the Master’s Programme at the School in London.  This is the only preparatory programme in China to have official, certified affiliation with the School.
  • Facilitate exchange between Chinese and UK students, teachers and master craftsmen in order to support the communication of artistic concepts and craft techniques, and advance the preservation of traditional cultural heritage and craftsmanship in a contemporary context.
  • Develop curricula for Chinese traditional arts and establish a year-long course of study encompassing the theory and practice of painting and calligraphy, landscape and garden design, and crafts. A certificate of scholarship will be granted to students who pass the programme’s final assessment.
  • Develop educational programmes of different lengths dedicated to diverse subjects related to traditional arts.
  • Collaborate with domestic and international academic institutions, especially institutions that specialise in the theory and practice of cultural heritage management, with the aim of strengthening the development of a system of values and of scholarship for the promotion and revival of cultural heritage.
  • Foster new connections with local institutions, and develop educational and training programmes that combine teaching, practice, presentation, and promotion. Catered to local heritage sites, these programmes will raise awareness of the preservation and contemporary relevance of local cultural heritage.
  • Create a platform for research and innovation for members of the younger generation who have a strong interest in the traditional arts.
  • Develop public programmes to share knowledge and research on cultural heritage through lectures, workshops and community initiatives.