The Order of Nature: Geometrical Design Principles

2019.12.2 - 2019.12.13
Ramiz Sabbagh

Deepen knowledge of geometry by studying patterns and proportions of six-, eight-, twelve- and ten-fold symmetries and their associated proportional systems. Students will also be shown patterns in context with architectural elements. These designs can be easily translated into a variety of materials. 

  • Deepen their understanding of geometrical pattern making from the primary level of ‘mother’ patterns into a secondary level of complexity
  • Develop a subtle understanding of the two symmetries of six- and eight-fold plus primary grid systems both regular and semi-regular
  • Encourage students to enhance their colour sense in painting and model-making through visualizing the musicality of geometry inherent in pattern.
  • Make a step-by-step methodological drawing sequences of patterns within sketchbooks
  • Develop sketchbook practice and skills for both colour and sample experimentation

Tutor biography

Ramiz Sabbagh

Ramiz Sabbagh is The Director of Baku Centre for the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts. Upon completing his post graduate studies at the School in July 2001, Ramiz spent nearly ten years in Jordan, engaged in the development of the College of Traditional Islamic Arts which had been established by the School in 1998.  As a senior lecturer/ designer maker, Ramiz contributed in transforming a two-year diploma into a four year BA Degree course and integrating it in to the Jordan University system. He developed and taught the geometry curriculum that was central to all art and craft education activities of the College. 

In 2011-2012, Ramiz was invited to represent the School and its ethos in China, with field study research in the cultural heritage while developing and delivering workshops to local communities in Beijing and assorted Art and Design students in Shanghai. This has continued today with PFSTA workshops delivered annually for undergraduates in both CAFA and BIFT and to new prospective students at the new PFTSA Yuan Centre in Suzhou.