The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts China Centre

Co-founded by the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts in London and the Yuan Centre in Suzhou, the PFSTA China Centre honours the heritage of the traditional arts and crafts of China through education programmes aimed at reinvigorating tradition within the contemporary context.

The principle of ‘Order of Nature’ is fundamental to the philosophy of both the School and Yuan Centre. It is thus central to the China Centre’s teaching programme and to the research into contemporary expressions of traditional art forms. The programme enables a meaningful engagement with Chinese artistic heritage and traditions on different levels - practical, cultural and inspirational - within the contemporary context.

The pioneering methodology and practice of the School implemented in the Centre’s education programme maximizes the training and potential of students of all levels and ages. Grounded in the present and oriented towards the future, the Centre provides a platform for the preservation and regeneration of Chinese traditional art.

As the only institution in China to have official, certified affiliation with the School, China Centre wholeheartedly supports the propagation and reinvigoration of intangible culture through its independent and collaborative projects.

Aims of the China Centre:

  • Offer educational and training programs for everyone, regardless of age and background.
  • Cooperate with local institutions and establish PFSTA training sites in China.
  • Develop research courses, lectures, workshops and educational training programmes informed by Chinese cultural heritage.
  • Establish an international art education and training center in Suzhou, China.
  • Lay the foundation of a platform for the exchange between Chinese intangible cultural heritage and western art traditions.