A Unique Mission And Message

The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts is an acknowledged international institute of excellence, which through education inspires the practice and preservation of the cultural heritage and art traditions of the great civilisations.

The School in London offers practical art education at Master and Doctoral levels. The School teaches the importance of integrating theoretical study with practical application. The School encourages awareness of the holistic practice of traditional artists, whose inspiration derives from the highest sources and whose skill and dedication create masterpieces which we can all recognise as part of our world heritage.

The work of The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts clearly manifests a very important aspect of the vision of HRH, which is the concept of Harmony and the profound impact it has on every aspect of our lives. The School's Education and Outreach programmes clearly illustrate the fundamental connection between this concept of harmony and the order of nature, and how this relationship was the principal inspiration for the visual arts of all the great civilisations of the world.

The School has pioneered a unique methodology in visual and theoretical research at postgraduate level. It offers a practical education on core subjects and techniques that are no longer taught at art colleges in the UK. This unique approach has been developed over 25 years and is now being recognised in the academic context as a pioneering methodology for art education which can expand and integrate within other major art education institutions. The Master and Doctorate programmes of the School have formed partnerships with the following institutions: University of Trinity Saint Davis; The Royal College of Arts; The Slade; Baku Art Academy; Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology; China Central Academy of Fine Arts, First Nations University in Saskatchewan; University of Darussalam; Lahore National College of Arts.

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